These two paintings were accepted into the 2012 Contemporary Masters Artistic Eden III show which opened this month. The show is held at the Pasadena Museum of History and celebrates life in the San Gabriel valley. I went down for the opening and was hugely impressed with the size and quality of the show. The show is running through July so if you are in the area get in to see it. Click here to see some of the art on display.

Here is another watercolor landscape I did for a class demo. June Lake in the eastern Sierra ¬†and I have some real history together and painting this just felt so familiar. This piece is watercolor on Arches paper and measures 8″x10″. SOLD

I did this watercolor as a demo for a watercolor landscape lesson and liked how it came out. It makes me want to head over to the eastern Sierra this fall and catch those gorgeous aspens. Bishop in late summer has a quiet beauty that is what I was after in this pastoral scene with the White Mountains in the background.

It’s watercolor on paper and measures 8″x10″.

I was pretty sure when I started this one that the week was going to get away from me so I did the green body of the pears first. Sure enough by now they are very over ripe and a dull yellow but with the pears done already, today I could concentrate on the flowered cloth and shadows. All is well and the pears will be delighting the bunnies and squirrels this evening where I toss them.

This watercolor is 7″x11″. SOLD

Tangerines in an old bowl with an orange blossom motif seems very cheery and bright during this onslaught of wintry weather. This painting is watercolor and measures 8″x6″. SOLD


This small watercolor is a demo for my next class project. We’ll be continuing with soft backgrounds and learning to suggest detail rather than painting every single feather.

Here is yet another Blue Willow piece. I usually spend the first few minutes working on these pieces wondering WHY am I doing this again??? Then I get into the quiet, meditative mode that comes when working on the intricate design and I know I will probably always love painting these dishes.

This one is watercolor on 140# Arches paper and measures 5.5″x5.5″ SOLD

I found these great bartletts when in Trader Joe’s the other day. During the summer it is hard to come by pears, even imported ones like these that look good enough to star in still lifes. So I was thrilled to find these. Here they are arranged on a shallow silver dish that reflects their rich colors like a mirror.

This piece is watercolor on 140# Arches paper and measures 6″x6″

This watercolor is the final piece of the three I have been working on for the juried Works on Paper show this summer at Segil Fine Arts in Monrovia. I hope they get in!

This one is watercolor on 140# Arches paper and is 9″x12″.

These apple blossoms were blooming about a month ago, just before a wild spring storm blew in. I brought then inside and enjoyed their springtime fragrance while the wind and snow carried on outside. This piece is a watercolor, 9″x12″. SOLD. This painting is now available as a print on Imagekind.

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