Here’s a new one again featuring that lovely color combination, blue, white and yellow. This piece is acrylic on stretched canvas and measures 12″x 12″. This painting is sold. If you are interested in commissioning a similar piece, please contact me by email.BlueWillow12x12SSjoberg


Here’s a new one I did a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post. It features my lovely silver creamer I rescued from a box of dusty, spidery junk at a yard sale and polished up. I love its elegant lines and how it mirrors whatever it is paired with; in this case deep yellow lemons. It is acrylic on canvas and measures 6″x 12″. Here’s the link to buy: UGallery


Here’s a new small gem, 6″x 6″ acrylic on gessobord panel. As usual, these beautiful cherries from Trader Joe’s caught my eye for more than culinary purposes. The favorite old linen napkin and Blue Willow bowl all joined together to create a pleasing, fun composition. SOLDjuly5thcherries-004

bwstackedHere is a new one featuring the usual suspects from the prop cupboard. The blue Spode cup is a relative newcomer but they all get along well. It’s acrylic on canvas and measures 12″x 6″. This painting has been sold. Contact me if you love it and would like to commission something similar.

The Spode is a relative newcomer to my prop cupboard, while the Blue Willow has been around for many years. Stacking these two over glass and working with the very different blues was a fun color experience. This one is acrylic on claybord panel, and measures 7″x5″. SOLDtwoblues.

This kettle has been years in the obscurity of a basement box, possibly serving as a home for a family of mice at some point. Now it has a new life as a still life prop and this is its first job. This is an original acrylic painting on smooth museum quality gessobord and measures 6″x6″. SOLDcopperkettle

I got these great cherries the last time I was in Trader Joe’s and love the range of reds in this batch. The cloth is a lovely old table linen some distant relation embroidered patiently, no doubt whiling away many a quiet hour. This piece is acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas and measures 6″x8″.  SOLDcherries618

Here’s a new one with not only Blue Willow, tea and lemons, but one of my favorite embroidered linen cloths makes another appearance as well. This one is acrylic on gessobord and measures 6×6″ SOLD


Here is another in the Blue Willow theme. This tea brews up a lovely warm color.It was rather sad watching it get colder and colder as I got going on this piece. It is acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas and measures 8×8″. SOLD




Here’s a new one.  I thought about going 4 high but decided to limit the stack to 3. This one is acrylic on canvas and measures 8″x6″. SOLDstackedbwcups

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