carrotpainting2Here’s a commissioned still life I just finished. It is acrylic on canvas and measures 12″x 24″. I love the idea of the bright orange carrots contrasting with the delicate blue dragonfly. As usual, the trip to Whole Foods’ produce section caused all sorts of inspiration to get simmering. I’ll have to head down there again soon.

This painting had its start at Whole Foods in the spring when they had a special on cabbage (probably for St Patrick’s Day). There was a huge box out by the door of beautiful, rose-like cabbages and this one was the best, as far as I could see. I’ve posed her on a glass surface and added a passing ladybug as a jewel. It is 12″x12″, acrylic on canvas and has now been sold.Cabbage

I photographed these leeks after finishing the library still life as they were still full of color and up for another painting before hitting the soup pot. This piece is acrylic on canvas and measures 10″x20″. SOLD

I had hoped to complete this today but it was not to be. Still, I am getting close. 

Do I really want to post this? I think after 3 days it’s far enough along to do so. It is a commission for the new Kern Co library and measures 18″x48″. I’m aiming at getting it completed within a week and it is looking likely I’ll make it. It’s acrylic on canvas and the largest of this sort of painting I’ve tackled yet.

Here’s a new one I just completed this morning. It’s acrylic on canvas and measures 6″x12″. I’ve been doing a few small ones lately and this one is actually the largest of them. I loved painting the various surfaces, the dull velvety mushrooms, the smooth zucchini and the papery, brittle skin of the red onion. Altogether a rather sustaining meal, creatively speaking. SOLD

These beautiful eggplants demonstrate that the humblest vegetable can be worthy of a serious portrait. This piece is acrylic on canvas and measures 18″ x 36″. SOLD