The bosc pears that have been around for a good while now are ready to retire, possibly even to the compost heap. But before they do here they are in one last pose with a couple of aspiring extras. SOLDboscsandbulbs

This new one employs my Blue Willow bowl and some lovely bosc pears that have been busy as still life models. It is acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas and measures 8″x6″. SOLDboscsinbw

August 10th? My last post? I have to do better than that. I’ve been doing lots of little pieces and just forget to post them. This one was a bit more effort and I love this bowl, especially with the rich reds of the pears against the gold rim. This one is acrylic on canvas, 10″x8″. It is available for purchase directly from me. So if you are interested, send me an email (check my contact page).newimageredprscom starting September 14th.

This painting went along swimmingly until I got to the lace. Boy, what on earth was I thinking????? The pears, the glass bowl, all were loads of fun. Then I got to the lace and suddenly cleaning the attic seemed like a good idea. Moving firewood around, ah yes the world is full of alternate activities to the desperate. It is crocheted lace and probably more work to paint than it was to crochet, but since I don’t crochet, what do I know? Finally I could no longer stand its nagging and accusatory looks whenever I was in the studio. So it’s done! It is 20″x16″ and acrylic on canvas. SOLD

This is one of those paintings that came about in the produce aisle. I wasn’t really thinking about red pears but there they were. Beautiful. On sale. Irresistible. This painting is acrylic on canvas and measures 12″x9″. ¬†SOLD.

Here’s a still life that isn’t quite still. A delicate butterfly alights on one of the pears before fluttering off again. This piece is acrylic on canvas, measuring 12″x9″. SOLD

These green bartlett pears were so pretty I bought them even though they were organic and way more expensive than the others. Kind of a shame I really am not a great fan of pears, organic or otherwise. Still they make a nice little painting here. I like how they are mirrored in the silver dish.

This painting is acrylic on canvas and measures 6″x8″

I was pretty sure when I started this one that the week was going to get away from me so I did the green body of the pears first. Sure enough by now they are very over ripe and a dull yellow but with the pears done already, today I could concentrate on the flowered cloth and shadows. All is well and the pears will be delighting the bunnies and squirrels this evening where I toss them.

This watercolor is 7″x11″. SOLD

Done! This painting is now complete and ready for show. Note as of 10/14 this piece is available for sale on

I’ve been working on this one a few days now and thought posting a picture of it at this stage would be interesting. It is coming along well but this size is slow going for me. It is 18″x36″. Stay tuned….

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