This grove of aspens is in the eastern Sierra, the range John Muir called “the range of light”. It is a magical place, especially on those crisp fall days when the aspens are at their peak of color, the sky is blue and the air is full of the sound of the gentle rustling of the aspen leaves in the breeze. There has already been a dusting of snow but winter is still a little ways off and the days hold a core of warmth. This piece is acrylic on canvas and measures 24″x18. It is available for sale on UGallery. Here is the link to its page:

Here is another watercolor landscape I did for a class demo. June Lake in the eastern Sierra  and I have some real history together and painting this just felt so familiar. This piece is watercolor on Arches paper and measures 8″x10″. SOLD

I did this watercolor as a demo for a watercolor landscape lesson and liked how it came out. It makes me want to head over to the eastern Sierra this fall and catch those gorgeous aspens. Bishop in late summer has a quiet beauty that is what I was after in this pastoral scene with the White Mountains in the background.

It’s watercolor on paper and measures 8″x10″.

I finished this painting last week but needed to let it sit awhile to see if it needed anything before I called it really finished. After a little work on the trees in the foreground I am calling it Done.

This is a view of the landscape from a Tuscan walled city. It was a cloudy day and the distant fields and hills were brightening as the sun broke through the mist.

This piece is acrylic on canvas and measures 11×14.

Here’s another one I started about three years ago and hadn’t finished for one reason or another. Now it’s done! It is a scene from a large estate called Muckross House in county Kerry, Ireland. They had several small traditional farm houses set up within the estate showing the methods of farming and life in the past. This painting is acrylic on canvas and measures 9″x12″. SOLD

I found this little study half-done while cleaning up my studio. It was a study that I began some years ago after being in Ireland and finding this lovely cottage in County Meath. I ended up doing a large landscape with the help of this piece in which I blocked in my basic composition. This little 9″x12″ cried out to be finished so here it is.

This landscape has taken an embarrassing amount of time but at last it is done enough to photograph and set aside. I think it’s done but time will tell. The wild irises have been a grand sight this year up on the mountain. I’ve done studies of the blooms themselves over the years but have never before attempted a larger view such as this piece.

The painting is acrylic on canvas an measures 24″x30″. Sold.