Here’s a new small gem, 6″x 6″ acrylic on gessobord panel. As usual, these beautiful cherries from Trader Joe’s caught my eye for more than culinary purposes. The favorite old linen napkin and Blue Willow bowl all joined together to create a pleasing, fun composition. SOLDjuly5thcherries-004

This batch of cherries has held up bravely but this is the last still life I can squeeze out of them while they are still beautiful. Fortunately they are still edible. This piece is acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas (edges painted black) and measures 7″x5″. SOLDbwcherries624.

I got these great cherries the last time I was in Trader Joe’s and love the range of reds in this batch. The cloth is a lovely old table linen some distant relation embroidered patiently, no doubt whiling away many a quiet hour. This piece is acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas and measures 6″x8″. ¬†SOLDcherries618

This seems almost too obvious. Maybe it is a result of being the end of summer and here is this old Coca Cola glass I’m drinking water out of while staring at the last of the cherries trying to think what to do with them. It was fun to paint and now it’s done I can finish these cherries.

This one is 8″x6″ acrylic on canvas. SOLD

This bowl has been out making itself useful again and it was a race to finish this little one while the cherries were still edible. I must say these are the sweetest cherries I have had in a long time. SOLD

Anyway, this piece is 6″x6″, acrylic on canvas.

I am revisiting the Blue Willow and cherry theme here, this time in acrylic on canvas. This piece is a little gem, 5″x7″. It recalls those summer days with sweet fresh cherries abundant in markets and fruit stands. Can’t wait! SOLD

This new piece is a watercolor on paper. The old tablecloth is a perfect backdrop for these brilliant cherries. The piece measures 10.5″x14″.

This still life features one of my favorite bowls filled with glossy red cherries on an old piece of linen. I enjoy working with a mostly monochromatic palette with one rich color. This seems especially effective in still life images. This piece is acrylic on canvas and measures 12″x12″. SOLD

Here is yet another Blue Willow piece. I usually spend the first few minutes working on these pieces wondering WHY am I doing this again??? Then I get into the quiet, meditative mode that comes when working on the intricate design and I know I will probably always love painting these dishes.

This one is watercolor on 140# Arches paper and measures 5.5″x5.5″ SOLD