Moving right along with this one. It is starting to be fun.

I’ve been working on this one a few days now and thought posting a picture of it at this stage would be interesting. It is coming along well but this size is slow going for me. It is 18″x36″. Stay tuned….

I found these perfect fairchild tangerines in the local market a couple of weeks ago and here they are in the hard-working blue willow bowl. This piece is acrylic on canvas and measures 14″x11″. SOLD

The name for this one is still not decided upon. I think I need to be coming up with more interesting titles but this will have to do until I think of something better. This piece is acrylic on canvas and measures 16×20″.  The carpet is an old one with a few too many holes and worn spots for use underfoot but is too lovely not to paint. It will be showing up again in other paintings, I’m sure.  SOLD

I realized I never got around to posting this one. It is a demo watercolor for the last watercolor class project. We worked out the technique of creating soft, fluid backgrounds without bleeding onto the sharply in-focus rose in the foreground. Students did a great job and all without using masking agents.

This small watercolor is a demo for my next class project. We’ll be continuing with soft backgrounds and learning to suggest detail rather than painting every single feather.

I found this lovely old silver creamer at a yard sale recently and felt it deserved at least one starring role in its own still life. The tarnish is full of wonderful warm tones and I’m not sure it will ever get a polish. This piece is destined for Segil’s small works holiday show. I want to get one more small one done before the deadline for entries which is looming. This piece is acrylic on canvas and measures 12″x9″. SOLD

This new piece is a watercolor on paper. The old tablecloth is a perfect backdrop for these brilliant cherries. The piece measures 10.5″x14″.

This still life features one of my favorite bowls filled with glossy red cherries on an old piece of linen. I enjoy working with a mostly monochromatic palette with one rich color. This seems especially effective in still life images. This piece is acrylic on canvas and measures 12″x12″. SOLD

These beautiful eggplants demonstrate that the humblest vegetable can be worthy of a serious portrait. This piece is acrylic on canvas and measures 18″ x 36″. SOLD

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