I was pretty sure when I started this one that the week was going to get away from me so I did the green body of the pears first. Sure enough by now they are very over ripe and a dull yellow but with the pears done already, today I could concentrate on the flowered cloth and shadows. All is well and the pears will be delighting the bunnies and squirrels this evening where I toss them.

This watercolor is 7″x11″. SOLD

This small still life shows a couple of my trusty blue willow cups stacked on a linen napkin. This little piece is my starting to think out a new larger gallery piece. I’m thinking several things…cups, reflective silver etc. Stay tuned. SOLD

Here’s another one I started about three years ago and hadn’t finished for one reason or another. Now it’s done! It is a scene from a large estate called Muckross House in county Kerry, Ireland. They had several small traditional farm houses set up within the estate showing the methods of farming and life in the past. This painting is acrylic on canvas and measures 9″x12″. SOLD

I found this little study half-done while cleaning up my studio. It was a study that I began some years ago after being in Ireland and finding this lovely cottage in County Meath. I ended up doing a large landscape with the help of this piece in which I blocked in my basic composition. This little 9″x12″ cried out to be finished so here it is.

Tangerines in an old bowl with an orange blossom motif seems very cheery and bright during this onslaught of wintry weather. This painting is watercolor and measures 8″x6″. SOLD


I am revisiting the Blue Willow and cherry theme here, this time in acrylic on canvas. This piece is a little gem, 5″x7″. It recalls those summer days with sweet fresh cherries abundant in markets and fruit stands. Can’t wait! SOLD

Here is the larger one finished. This one is 10″x20″ acrylic on canvas. The odd thing is that “portobello” means beautiful door in Italian. I am straining my brain to come up with the connection between a beautiful door and these elegant fungi. SOLD.

This is a study for a larger piece with these two mushrooms plus a third reflecting softly in the polished wood. These things are huge! I am still eating them.

This study is 8″x8″ and is acrylic on canvas. SOLD

Here’s a new one I just completed this morning. It’s acrylic on canvas and measures 6″x12″. I’ve been doing a few small ones lately and this one is actually the largest of them. I loved painting the various surfaces, the dull velvety mushrooms, the smooth zucchini and the papery, brittle skin of the red onion. Altogether a rather sustaining meal, creatively speaking. SOLD

Done! This painting is now complete and ready for show. Note as of 10/14 this piece is available for sale on UGallery.com

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