applecrop2I’ve been working on this one for the past couple of weeks for a commission. It turned out to be a bigger job than I had anticipated as I happily kept piling more branches into the set up, creating more interesting folds in the cloth, etc. I really can get carried away! It’s acrylic on canvas and measures 12″x24″.

carrotpainting2Here’s a commissioned still life I just finished. It is acrylic on canvas and measures 12″x 24″. I love the idea of the bright orange carrots contrasting with the delicate blue dragonfly. As usual, the trip to Whole Foods’ produce section caused all sorts of inspiration to get simmering. I’ll have to head down there again soon.

in-progressRealizing I have neglected this blog since April! I figured I’d better post something. So here is a new one I am currently working on. It has some hours to go but is coming along. It is acrylic on canvas and measures 20×20″. Hopefully I’ll be posting the finished image very soon.

Here’s another that is now available on UGallery’s site. I painted this one and posted its progress awhile back but want to give its fans a notice of its current availability. It is one of my favorites especially as its size (18″x 36″) allowed me to really dig in and expand on the various patterns and details such a composition presented. Here is the link to its gallery pageStillLifewithPearsSSjoberg 

Here we have one of my favorite pieces: these elegant vegetables (fruits?) arranged in a stately manner, starkly shining against a pale background. It is a large piece; 18″x36″, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.  This painting has now been sold.EgglantsSSjoberg

Here’s one that missed getting on the blog for some reason. The pears are that wonderful color ranging from deep crimson to pale gold and the linen’s gentle folds are touched with light and shadow. This piece has now been sold.RedPearsonLinenSSjoberg

This grove of aspens is in the eastern Sierra, the range John Muir called “the range of light”. It is a magical place, especially on those crisp fall days when the aspens are at their peak of color, the sky is blue and the air is full of the sound of the gentle rustling of the aspen leaves in the breeze. There has already been a dusting of snow but winter is still a little ways off and the days hold a core of warmth. This piece is acrylic on canvas and measures 24″x18. It is available for sale on UGallery. Here is the link to its page:

bwstackedHere is a new one featuring the usual suspects from the prop cupboard. The blue Spode cup is a relative newcomer but they all get along well. It’s acrylic on canvas and measures 12″x 6″. This painting has been sold. Contact me if you love it and would like to commission something similar.

Here’s the rejuvenated copper kettle again, providing backdrop for a blue willow mug full of tea. This piece is acrylic on canvas and measures 6×6″.  SOLDCopper Kettle with Mug

The Spode is a relative newcomer to my prop cupboard, while the Blue Willow has been around for many years. Stacking these two over glass and working with the very different blues was a fun color experience. This one is acrylic on claybord panel, and measures 7″x5″. SOLDtwoblues.

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