This piece started out with me sitting and admiring my old bentwood chair in my studio. Then I had these wonderful Granny Smith apples in my myrtle wood bowl. So it came together…almost, until I was watching those perky little nuthatches in the  pines outside the window. So with the addition of the little guy it’s done. This one is acrylic on canvas, and measures 20″x 16″. It is available for sale on UGallery.

Here’s a new one inspired  by a bag of organic Granny Smith apples destined for a pie. The color is so vibrant I couldn’t resist getting a couple of still life pieces out of them before carrying on with their culinary fate. This one is acrylic on canvas, measures 9″x 12″ and is for sale on UGallery. Click on the link to purchase.

Here’s a new one, a small piece done on gessobord panel in acrylic. it measures 6×6″ and is available for sale on UGallery. Here is the link UGallery.

Here’s a new one again featuring that lovely color combination, blue, white and yellow. This piece is acrylic on stretched canvas and measures 12″x 12″. This painting is sold. If you are interested in commissioning a similar piece, please contact me by email.BlueWillow12x12SSjoberg


Here’s a new one I did a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post. It features my lovely silver creamer I rescued from a box of dusty, spidery junk at a yard sale and polished up. I love its elegant lines and how it mirrors whatever it is paired with; in this case deep yellow lemons. It is acrylic on canvas and measures 6″x 12″. Here’s the link to buy: UGallery


Here’s a new small gem, 6″x 6″ acrylic on gessobord panel. As usual, these beautiful cherries from Trader Joe’s caught my eye for more than culinary purposes. The favorite old linen napkin and Blue Willow bowl all joined together to create a pleasing, fun composition. SOLDjuly5thcherries-004

My Blue Willow china has been on a break of late but I felt it was time for them to get out again for awhile. This piece is 10″x10″ and is acrylic on canvas. It has been sold.Lemons62516

This painting has been kind of a long time in the making. I set up the composition and did reference photos as I knew it would take too long for the leaves and fruit to keep through the process then the project stalled for…well, a long time. Recently I got the itch to tackle it and even then it seemed to require frequent breaks. At any rate it is now complete and I am pretty pleased with it. It is acrylic on canvas and measures 20″x 20″. It is available for sale on UGallery.

Here’s a new one. I did a small watercolor study of these grapes some time ago and thought I’d like to do them in acrylic. Once done the piece wanted more so I added the Tiger Swallowtail who is stopping by to check things out. This piece is acrylic on stretched canvas and measures 10″x 10″. This painting is up for sale on UGallery’s website. Here is the link: Ugallery.


Done. It was one of those paintings that really wouldn’t have taken so long but it wanted an extended time-out just past the half-way point. I have no excuse and am blaming the painting itself. Once it was ready to be dusted off (literally) and finished it went quite smoothly. It is acrylic on deep gallery wrapped canvas and measures 20×20″. pacificsurf

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