Here’s a small gem featuring my silver creamer, polished brightly this time. This painting is acrylic on archival gessobord panel and measures 6″x 6″. SOLD


Here’s a new one.  I thought about going 4 high but decided to limit the stack to 3. This one is acrylic on canvas and measures 8″x6″. SOLDstackedbwcups

The bosc pears that have been around for a good while now are ready to retire, possibly even to the compost heap. But before they do here they are in one last pose with a couple of aspiring extras. SOLDboscsandbulbs

This new one employs my Blue Willow bowl and some lovely bosc pears that have been busy as still life models. It is acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas and measures 8″x6″. SOLDboscsinbw