Do I really want to post this? I think after 3 days it’s far enough along to do so. It is a commission for the new Kern Co library and measures 18″x48″. I’m aiming at getting it completed within a week and it is looking likely I’ll make it. It’s acrylic on canvas and the largest of this sort of painting I’ve tackled yet.

Here is another watercolor landscape I did for a class demo. June Lake in the eastern Sierra ¬†and I have some real history together and painting this just felt so familiar. This piece is watercolor on Arches paper and measures 8″x10″. SOLD

This seems almost too obvious. Maybe it is a result of being the end of summer and here is this old Coca Cola glass I’m drinking water out of while staring at the last of the cherries trying to think what to do with them. It was fun to paint and now it’s done I can finish these cherries.

This one is 8″x6″ acrylic on canvas. SOLD