This bowl has been out making itself useful again and it was a race to finish this little one while the cherries were still edible. I must say these are the sweetest cherries I have had in a long time. SOLD

Anyway, this piece is 6″x6″, acrylic on canvas.

I set out on a walk the other day to see what wildflowers were blooming and the first thing I saw was my neighbor’s irises looking dazzling in the sunshine. Here is  a portrait of an especially gorgeous one.

This painting is acrylic on canvas and measures 8″x10″ SOLD

Right outside my studio door these poppies are blooming enthusiastically now that the weather has finally warmed up. Maybe painting some wildflowers would be a good warmup for me too after being off my painting schedule most of the spring. It’s been a great time visiting with family and traveling but it’s time to buckle back down to work! And work looks like taking a nice walk in the woods with camera and sketchbook. It’s tough but someone has to do it!