Here is the larger one finished. This one is 10″x20″ acrylic on canvas. The odd thing is that “portobello” means beautiful door in Italian. I am straining my brain to come up with the connection between a beautiful door and these elegant fungi. SOLD.

This is a study for a larger piece with these two mushrooms plus a third reflecting softly in the polished wood. These things are huge! I am still eating them.

This study is 8″x8″ and is acrylic on canvas. SOLD

Here’s a new one I just completed this morning. It’s acrylic on canvas and measures 6″x12″. I’ve been doing a few small ones lately and this one is actually the largest of them. I loved painting the various surfaces, the dull velvety mushrooms, the smooth zucchini and the papery, brittle skin of the red onion. Altogether a rather sustaining meal, creatively speaking. SOLD